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Diesel fuel preparation unit UTDT 1 modification


The diesel fuel preparation unit is intended to purify diesel fuel: diesel-powered vehicles, tractors, combines, isolated generating diesel plants, motor and insulating oil.

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DN,mm PN, kg-f/cm² Weight, kg Max pressure drop under the filter clogging, kg-f/cm² Degree of filtration, mc Purification rate from water at the nominal capacity, % (at the initia; water content being up to 3%) Max temperature of the product to be purified, °С, max Kinematic viscosity of the diesel fuel to be purified under 20°С, cSt Productivity, m³/h Purification rate from mechanical impurities under initial content being 0,3% Purification rate from biofouling under initial content being 2%
30 4 148,0 1 5 less than 0,01 40 6 до 3 97 100

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