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Marine diesel engine B-522 based on 51432 CRS production engine of ZMZ 1 modification

Motor oil under SAE (GOST12337-84): 5W-40(30)

Electrical machinery voltage, V: 12

Mass of unfueled engine unit (max), kg: 245±6

Working temperature of the cooling fluid, °С: 60 - 105

The engine is designed and manufactured in comformity with specifications of the manufacturing factory and requirements of CU TR 026.

Is equipped with enclosed electronic control unit of original design (made in the RF), cooled by an exhaust manifold, water-water and water-to-air heat exchangers, with the system to monitor and control main parameters of the engine

Can be operated at the ambient temperature from -35°С up to 45°С and sea water temperature being from -2°С up to 35°С.

Fuel: diesel fuel

1 modification (Click on row to compare)
Engine parameter Engine service life up to the routine maintenance, min Q-ty and location of cylinders Life until discarded, years, min Engine mounting in the engine compartment Active storage capacity, m3 Min specific fuel rate, (max) g/kWh Rotation direction of the crankshaft under GOST 22836 Compression index Max. engine power (together with inlet and outlet systems), kW (hp) ±2% Min/max crankshaft speed at no-load characteristics, min-1 Reliability warranty obligations , m/h (year) Pobability of no-failure within 100 h, min
Diesel, direct injection, turbocharged and intercooled 1000 4, vertically in-line 10 (predicted value) longitudinal 2235 195 clockwise sense 19 117,7 (160) 850/4000±50 1000 (5) 0,96

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